Infancy - The lean years

"I wonder if I can continue because for me it is a continual life of worry, and naturally my art suffers from it."

(PS to Nicolaas Urban circa 1912-14)


The Dutch refuge

"Here I am more than cared for, I have the life of a prince."

(PS to René Massé, 13 April 1914)


Finally appreciated

"In Holland I bought two paintings or rather pastels from a friend of Mr. Pfeiffer Philippe Smit. I feel certain he is the greatest living artist, quite a young man."

(Theodore Pitcairn to his brother Raymond, 8 June 1921)


Thoury–Ferrottes, the happy life

"Day at Philippe's at Thoury ... tea in the large living room ... lunch by candlelight ... delightful atmosphere."

(René Massé, 10 December 1935)


The war - Last years

"I tried to start a large painting, an angel concert, to escape all the painful things that we have been living since the war."

(PS to Nicolaas Urban, 26 September 1942)