The Complete Works of Philippe Smit
by Andreas Narzt and Florence Castellani
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Photo: Mark Zelinski; © FdDPS


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Classification: Pastel »
Theme: landscape »
Medium: Pastel »
Support: on cardboard »
Year(s): 1913 »
PS 83
The Harvesters
Pastel on cardboard
26 x 37 in. (66 x 94 cm) (sight size)
Neither signed, nor dated
Private collection, USA
Inv. Lotty Urban-Leteneur, n.d. [ante 1953], s.n., private archives: no. [53], p. 2, Pastels: Les Moissonneurs.
No known exhibitions.
Literature & Primary Sources
Philippe Smit. ALS to René Massé. Hilversum, n.d. [received 9 November 1914].
"[...] alors si tu veux tu pourra[s]/ demander a mon père et/ tu pourra[s] aller la[1] cherchez/ dans ma chambre avec lui/ car j’avais tout à fait/ oublié. et tu verra[s] peut être/ en même temps ce grand/ pastel de fleurs des champs que j’ai fait a Osny. et les/ moissonneurs et aussi le/ pastel que j'avais rap[p]orté/ de Hollande des Usines de Gaz/ avec une plaine de bruyère/ comments les trouves tu?/ Oh René j’ai encore un tableau/ a Osny des champs de coquelicots/ ça serait peut etre beaucoup de/ te demandez que tu pouvait/ le cherchez Mais je craint/ que tu ne puis sortir de/ Paris? [...]" [sic]  (... if you like you could ask my father and you could fetch it[1] with him from my room, as I forgot it completely. And maybe you will see the same time the large pastel of field flowers which I did in Osny. And the Harvesters and also the pastel which I brought back from Holland of gas factories with a field of heather, how do you like them? Oh René I have another painting of poppy fields in Osny, perhaps that is too much to ask to fetch it. But I fear that you cannot leave Paris? ...) (Philippe Smit 1914)

[1] The doll for René Massé’s daughter Eliane.

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Citation: Narzt, Andreas and Castellani, Florence. "The Harvesters, c.1913 (PS 83)." The Complete Works of Philippe Smit. (accessed on September 26, 2021).