The Complete Works of Philippe Smit
by Andreas Narzt and Florence Castellani
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Photo: Christopher Burke Studios, NY; © FdDPS
Photo: Christopher Burke Studios, NY; FdDPS
Original frame designed and painted by the artist.




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Classification: Pastel »
Theme: figurative »
Medium: Pastel »
Support: on cardboard »
Year(s): 1928 »
PS 298 (P 212)
Berendina in Green Robe
Alternate titles: Mrs. Smit; Mrs. Smit (in green velvet dress)
Pastel on cardboard
50 13/16 x 39 in. (129 x 99 cm)
Signed and dated lower right: Philippe Smit/ 1928
On the back: exhibition label Philadelphia on the protective backing board upper center.
This painting could not be examined during the preparation of the catalogue raisonné.
Inv. T. P., Ptgs etc. at Bryn Athyn, n.d. [c. 1940], Glencairn archives: no. [20] [P 212], p. [1], Portrait of Mrs. Urban, Smit, 39 1/2 x 51 [in.].
Inv. Pitcairn, n.d. [c.1957], n.p., LNC archives: no. P 212, Rev. Theodore Pitcairn, Mrs. Smit in green robe, Smit, Pastel, 50 x 50 [in.].
Deana (Diene) Pitcairn-Duncan (by descent)
Philadelphia Museum of Art, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States, Collection of the Rev. and Mrs. Theodore Pitcairn, June 17–September 15, 1960, no. 26, Pastel, 50 x 39 [in.], 1928, Mrs. Smit (in green velvet dress), 11-1960-26 (title and n° on the exhibition label).
Literature & Primary Sources
Massé, René. Journal. 1920-21, 1924, 1929-31, 1933-1935, 10-11-1929, p. [9 & 10]) ("… portrait de Dien …").
Philippe Smit. ALS to Theodore and Marijke Pitcairn. n.d. [March 1928].
Philippe Smit. ALS to René and Mathilde Massé. Thoury-Férottes, n.d. [29 mars 1928].
Niehaus, Kasper. Philippe Smit, unkown genius. Revised and edited by Marjorie Bell. Typescript, 1955, p. 26 & 29, as Mrs. Smit.
"[…] Je suis en train de faire un portrait/ de Moeke [Berendina] pour la fête de Loty./ Mais que c’est difficile avec la lumière/ ici j’en suis des fois abattu enfin/ l’Art est un combat j’ai beaucoup/ de projet[s] me [mais] je pourrait faire/ que quand j’aurrais l’atelier […]" [sic] (… I am doing a portrait of Moeke [Berendina] for Loty’s saint’s day. But it is difficult with the light here, sometimes I am discouraged, well art is a struggle, I have many plans but I will be able to accomplish them only when I have the studio …) (Philippe Smit 1928b)

"[…] et Moi j’ai beaucoup travailler/ un portrait de Dien peinture très travailler/ et bouquet de fleurs pastel, comme/ l’art est une chose difficile mais belle […]" [sic] (… and myself,  I worked a lot, a portrait of Dien, a very elaborate painting and a bouquet of flowers, a pastel, art is a difficult thing but beautiful ...) (Philippe Smit 1928c)

"[…] I am so anxious to see/ the work Philippe has been doing/ since we left. I am sure he/ has given you a beautiful nose/ to the portrait he is making of you as/ everything he does is beautiful./ Besides which you have such a dear nose. […]" (Theodore Pitcairn, ALS to Berendina, 30 April [1928], private archives, Paris)

"[…] Arrivée au Château de 'la Motte' […] Nous allons au nouvel atelier de Philippe. […] – Le portrait de Dien, toute de bonté. […]" (… Arrival at Château La Motte. … We go to Philippe’s new studio … The portrait of Dien, full of kindness …) (Massé, 10 November 1929, p. [9 & 10])

See biographical note on Berendina Hubscher.

Additional images
Portrait of Berendina hanging to the left of those of her daughter Marijke [PS 229] and her granddaughter Miriam [PS 394], large living room in Theodore Pitcairn's house, Bryn Athyn (photograph, after 1945, courtesy of Mrs. Michael Pitcairn, LNC archives).
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Citation: Narzt, Andreas and Castellani, Florence. "Berendina in Green Robe, 1928 (PS 298)." The Complete Works of Philippe Smit. (accessed on September 26, 2021).