The Complete Works of Philippe Smit
by Andreas Narzt and Florence Castellani
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Photo: Studio Sebert; © FdDPS


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Classification: Pastel »
Theme: figurative »
Medium: Pastel »
Support: on cardboard »
Year(s): 1920 »
PS 210
The Vision of Saint John after El Greco
Alternate titles: La vision de saint Jean; St. Jean à Patmos
Pastel on cardboard
63 13/16 x 45 11/16 in. (162 x 116 cm) (sight size)
Inscribed and signed lower right: libre copie du divin/ maitre el Greco/ Philippe Smit
On the back: a metal plate: Mme Smit on the frame lower left.
Inv. Berendina Hubscher, n.d. [ante 1952], s.n., private archives: no. [40], p. 2, Pastels: St. Jean à Pathmos [sic] (Copie Greco)
Musée municipal, Noyers-sur-Serein, Yonne, France, Le Mystère Philippe Smit 1886 - 1948, April 01–November 30, 2000, as La vision de saint Jean.
Literature & Primary Sources
Niehaus, Kasper. Philippe Smit, unkown genius. Revised and edited by Marjorie Bell. Typescript, 1955, p. 6 ("… a large interpretation of El Greco's 'The Opening of the Fifth Seal …").
Free copy after the painting (fig. 1) which is today in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. Philippe Smit must have seen it when visiting Ignacio Zuloaga in Paris in March 1920.1

1. René Massé writes in his journal : "23 février 1920 […] Il a été voir le sculpteur Bartholomé afin d’avoir une entrée chez le peintre espagnol Zuloaga et regarder ses peintures du Greco." (23rd February 1920 … He went to see the sculptor Bartholomé in order to be able to visit the Spanish painter Zuloaga and to look at his paintings by Greco.), "10 mars 1920 […] Sa visite au peintre Zuloaga, les Gréco. […]" (10th March 1920 … His visit to the painter Zuloaga, the Grecos. …) (Massé 1920-1935, p. 1 et 2).


Additional images
FIG. 1
El Greco, The Vision of Saint John, Rogers Fund 1956, Inv. 56.48, (, date of download: 12th January 2017).
Photo: Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY

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