The Complete Works of Philippe Smit
by Andreas Narzt and Florence Castellani
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Photo: Christopher Burke Studios, NY; © FdDPS
Photo: Christopher Burke Studios, NY; FdDPS
Original frame designed and painted by the artist.


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Classification: Pastel »
Theme: figurative »
Medium: Pastel »
Support: on cardboard »
Year(s): 1914 »
PS 94 (P 2503)
Jeune fille pensive (Pensive Girl)
Alternate titles: Emma; Emma aux nattes (Emma with Hair in Tresses); Jeune fille pensive
Before 1914
Pastel on cardboard
34 11/16 x 25 in. (88 x 63.5 cm) (sight size)
Signed lower left: Philippe
On the back: exhibition label Philadelphia and a handwritten label: Laren/ N° 2503/ Emma W Hair in Tresses on the protective backing panel upper right and upper center respectively.
Donation Berendina Hubscher, 20-06-1952, (attestation 03-09-1953), n.p., s.n. private archives: no. [P 2503], A Monsieur Laren Pitcairn: Pastels, 3- Emma aux nattes, blouse blanche.
Inv. Pitcairn, n.d. [c.1957], n.p., LNC archives: no. P 2503, Mr. Laren Pitcairn (donation by Mrs. Smit), Emma with Hair in Tresses, Pastel, 36 x 26 [in.].
Inv. LNC, 1984, updated Oct. 1998, LNC archives: no. P 2503, p. 3, The Main Residence - Small Living Room, Emma with hair in tresses, Pastel, 36 x 26 [in.].
Larensche Kunsthandel, Amsterdam, Netherlands, Tentoonstelling Philippe Smit, April 01–30, 1916, ?, as Jeune fille pensive, (see Zelling).
Philadelphia Museum of Art, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States, Collection of the Rev. and Mrs. Theodore Pitcairn, June 17–September 15, 1960, no. 41, Pastel, 36 x 26 [in.], 1920, Emma, 11-1960-41 (title and n° on the exhibition label).
Literature & Primary Sources
Zelling, Anton. "Philippe Smit." De Hofstad, 15-04-1916, p. 1, as Jeune fille pensive.
See biographical note on Emma Smit.

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Citation: Narzt, Andreas and Castellani, Florence. "Jeune fille pensive (Pensive Girl), Before 1914 (PS 94)." The Complete Works of Philippe Smit. (accessed on March 31, 2020).